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concept art by tranquillo


concept art by tranquillo

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the sum of us

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mass effect numbers meme: three quotes ▼ sovereign, mass effect (1/3)

We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution.

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The Targaryen Court during the final years of the reign of Aegon V 
PART 2 - The Targaryens and their Household

King Aegon V  Donald Sutherland
Ser Duncan the Tall  Richard Harris
Duncan the Small, Prince of Dragonflies  Alexander Skarsgard
Jenny of Oldstones  Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Jaehaerys II  Ben Foster
Jaehaerys’s wife, mother to Aerys and Rhaella  Alicia Vikander
Aegon’s third son  Bradley James
Rhaelle Baratheon nee Targaryen  Claire Danes
Aerys Targaryen  Gaspard Ulliel
Maester Pycelle  Allen Leech
The High Septon  Peter O’Toole
Septa Myrielle (Rhaella’s Septa)  Frances McDormand

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A personal project in which I would draw the ladies of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ as I was reading the books.

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